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So it's YOUR job to plan the next BIG event . . .
Think how impressed they'll be that you hired
Award Winning Ventriloquist  & Magician Rob Watkins!
The calendar fills up fast so make the arrangments NOW!
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I have had the privilege of performing on CRUISE SHIPS, and for CORPORATE EVENTS, MILITARY EVENTS, CELEBRATIONS FOR ADULTS, CHILDREN'S EVENTS, YOUTH RALLIES, CHURCHES, CAMPS, SCHOOLS, FUND RAISERS, RETREATS, FAMILY EVENTS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS and just about any other venue that calls for clean wholesome entertainment. Sometimes our art is used as a means to drive a message home to the heart. The cast of characters range from Sheldon (the innocent Lamb) to Eucalyptus (the "mind reading" Wonder Boy) with amazing vocal demonstrations and audience participation thrown into the mix . . . all of this sets the stage for some wonderful mayhem and hilarious antics.

CLOSE-UP MAGIC - Whether it is moving from table to table for dinner guests, inviting people to gather around a small stand, or walking around in a crowd, some of the strongest effects are those in this category.  Your guests will be delighted as mystery after mystery unfolds within their reach, often right in their very own hands. 

PARLOR MAGIC - These mysteries are suitable for crowds from 10 to 75.  The most amazing things have been known to happen as we present an astounding mixture of ventriloquism and magic for all to see.  Each show is tailored for your specific audience and occasion. 

STAGE MAGIC - Whether there are 100 to well over 1,000 people in the crowd, they will be talking about your event long after it's over.  As always, each presentation is composed with your event and crowd in mind.  My goal and the goal of those with whom I work is to strive to always exceed the expectations of those who hire us and those whom we entertain. 

If you have seen us perform, you know there are certain signature routines and effects that are often requested.  Feel free to discuss these with us as we work to make your next event truly memorable. 

Not a "Mina" Bird, but a "Whina" Bird

Our show blends the art of illusion with the art of ventriloquism. I've been talking to and answering myself since childhood. Each show is an invitation to others to join in the conversation. You won't have to worry about embarassment either as we present G rated comedy without a blush. 



For more information call 1-800-373-9747